Five-Star Rating – (Premium Access) You’re great at what you do! You’re on top of deadlines, punctuation, grammar, and being on top of your assignments. Your submissions are plagiarism free, easy-to-read, relevant, and on-point. You’re self-guided and completed all accepted projects on time. 


Three-Star Rating – (Job-Board Only) You’re getting better at what you do. You’re spending time on the training materials to get a better handle on time management, organization, voice or style, and formatting your writing to keep the reader engaged. 


Top-Tier Writers 


Service and Platform Fees 

Platform fees msloydwrites is a membership based platform. We charge a platform fee that gives writers access to premium jobs. Fees cover recruiting, marketing, and training on our platform. Our clients and writers are pre-screened. Clients are billed a weekly fee for writing services. We charge a declining service fee as follows: 

Average Earnings – By Word Count

100 – 300 = $10.00 

300 – 500 = $25.00 

500 – 1000 = $45.00 

1000 – 1500 = $60.00 

1500 – 2000 = $75.00 

2000 – 2500 = $100.00 

2500+ = $100.00 = $1.00 per additional word 

**Average earnings per article by word count. There is no guaranteed number of available articles per week unless you are under a premium contract. Our goal is to provide long-term projects that offer consistent work. 


Declining Platform Service Fees (Based On Weeks Of Service) 

Week 1 = 20% 

Week 2 = 15%

Week 3 = 10%

Week 4 = 5% 

Week 5+ = 2.5%

In the interest of transparency and as a thank you to our writers, our platform fees operate on a declining schedule. Starting with week five of service on the platform your fees are reduced to just 2.5 % for the duration of your membership.

JoB Orders

Priority Job Orders – Available to five-star writers only. These are jobs with top-clients who have stringent deadlines and writer regulations. There is little room for error in priority job orders. Writers who are assigned these jobs are considered the best of the best. 

Second-Tier Orders – As you elevate your writing game, you’re not quite ready for top-picks just yet. Second-tier orders are lower pressure articles with less stringent requirements and more flexible deadlines for burgeoning writers. 

Job-Board Access Only – You’re still learning and not quite ready to join our writing team. We still want to make sure you have a chance at great assignments so we provide you with access to our curated job boards to help you step up your writing game (while still getting paid.) 


***** priority job orders – are by invite only 

**** second-tier access to job orders posted on 

*** job-board access only